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Our new Coffee Cuff's are pre-pressed and available for you to add to your cart quickly if you have a standard order. Otherwise, visit our Custom Cuff page to build your own personal combo!

The cuffs fit most standard sized cups but if you’re unsure just check the Size Does Matter guide or grab a cup on your way through, we have an ever-expanding range to choose from.

• Dishwasher Safe
• Microwave Safe
• Recyclable 
• Heat resistant
• Soft and smooth to hold

Receive your perfect drink every time, because the barista can now focus on their specialty (creating the perfect blend), rather than the ordering process.

We've kept the text design subtle and stylish but it's still clear enough to be read easily. If you want to keep the details to yourself for the rest of the day simply turn it inside out so it displays the gorgeous raindrop pattern.

#thesimplethings can make our day  #thesimplethings could save our planet

Customer Reviews

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I order a cappuccino every time so I love just handing my cuff over now. Don’t have to say a word :)

So handy!

Having my name and order on my reusable cup means no more mix ups! It's been so convenient having my Coffee Cuff.