Am I Murray??

Hi, I’m Maree and my little family and I have created this beautiful new product called the Coffee Cuff.
A bit about me...
My life is really, really, really busy so I like to keep things simple. I’m sure you relate!
I have two awesome, noisy, busy little ones, an equally busy and awesome partner, a house reno and two thriving businesses in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I’m the first to admit that when I’m on the run (not from the law, just from the kids or someone), I love a quick takeaway drink and I really like it a certain way… a ‘large strong skinny hot chocolate with no marshmallows in my reusable cup’.

Do I ask for that? Of course not. I fumble around asking for a skinny hot chocolate, strong... you know with extra chocolate (then I feel like a small child), just because I don’t like it too milky, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t even mention the ‘no marshmallow’.

Time goes by… they call out a name.

Usually ‘Murray’ because with a name like Maree it's going to be something along those lines Maree/Marie/Mary/Maria/Maureen/Murray etc.

So then I’m left wondering “Am I Murray???”

I jump up and clarify “Is this a Hot Chocolate for Maree?” and yes it’s always mine and yes there’s always a fluffy pink ball sitting on top.

I have witnessed so many variations of this story and if you ask cafe staff what annoying things we do during our ordering, the list is long.

My post-cuff game
So fast forward to now and my ordering game is STRONG!

I saunter into a cafe to grab a HC TO GO (usually looking like a dusty, morning-after rock star) and hand over my cup.
The staff are chuffed.
They love my Coffee Cuff because they are clear on what I want and who I am and basically they can just get the shit done!

I don’t tell ‘em large because it’s clear by the size of my cup; I don’t need to fumble around my order; and NO-ONE needs to know my name because when it’s made they lovingly place it on the counter, call out 'Hot Chocolate'? and I just grab my cup.

So whatever variation of my experience you may encounter, or if you are among the gifted and these ‘first-world’ problems don’t touch you but you love the cuff… then thank you for your support and we really look forward to seeing your personal combo soon.

Maree x

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