Questions and Answers Coffee Cuff

Are cuffs recyclable?


We choose silicone for these particular cuffs as it has great non-slip and thermal resistant qualities, plus it is BPS and BPA free.

Silicone is recyclable, however, please find the local silicone recycling plant in your area as it cannot be recycled in domestic recycling.

We choose Terracycle for our recycling. Our cuffs are sent to a processing facility, they are weighed, washed, consolidated, shredded and melted into pellets which are used to make awesome outdoor furniture!

If you wish to send us your cuffs when you're done we will include them in our recycling for free.

Can my order be in colour?

Right now, no.  But this is something that we are working towards in the future  

How do I know the Coffee Cuff™ will fit my recyclable Cup?

Awesome question.  We have tried our best to create a product that is incredible versatile; thats why the cuff is designed to fit just about any sized barrister styled coffee cuff.  We do recommend that you check out our Size Does Mater page to confirm dimensions  

Can I press my business logo on my Coffee Cuff™?

We would love to see your logo pressed into one of our awesome Coffee Cuffs.  There is a lot we can do.  If we have concerns about your logo we will make sure that we test and obtain your confirmation that your happy before proceeding 

Are the recyclable cups eco- friendly?

While we endeavour to provide you with the most environmentally friendly product range; we are not reasonable for the manufacturing of the cups supplied.  If you wish to explore these further please feel free to visit the respective websites 

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! We ship to most countries, enter your details in the shopping cart for a price to have your items shipped to your door.

What Currency are the prices in?

AUD - Australian Dollar

I want to order 'Heaps" of Coffee Cuffs - Can you produce large quantities?

We sure can. Feel free to explore our branding page and hit us up for a quote for larger orders.