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Coffee businesses have a huge say in the environmental impact of single-use items.

Here are just some of the ways your business will benefit from Coffee Cuffs:

What’s in it for your business?

  • Reduce potential health impacts from thermal paper receipts for you and your staff READ MORE about BPA in Australia’s dockets.
  • Reduce paper costs and incidents of ‘printer roll replacement’ issues during service
  • Streamline your ordering process with no room for order mis-communications between staff and customers
  • No more disappointed customers with names spelt incorrectly
  • No more awkward name call outs from staff unsure of pronunciations
  • Allow your staff to focus on the quality of coffee and customer service; the two critical performance points that increase customer return and positive reviews
  • No more makeshift solutions for keeping orders together with the reusable cups
  • Most point of sale systems can email out receipts, if you have one of these not only will you still be able to offer receipts to customers it also gives you the opportunity to capture more customers in your database for future marketing

cafe keep cup coffee order and name

What’s in it for your planet? 

  • Eliminate potential environmental impacts from thermal paper receipts. READ MORE about BPA in Australia’s dockets.
  • Eliminate the environmental impact of single-use receipts 
  • Reduce the environmental impact of single-use takeaway cups
  • Reduce the amount of scrap of paper that isn’t recycled 

Specifically, Coffee Cuff has been developed to assist Coffee businesses and customers address the Six Key Australian Cafe Trends.

  1. Increased Environmental Awareness 
  2. A Focus On Operational Efficiency 
  3. Refinement of Coffee Quality
  4. Dedication To Recruitment & Training 
  5. Creating Outstanding Customer Experiences
  6. An Emphasis on Support & Growth
Read More on what this means for the future of your business from Joshua Clifton of the Australian Cafe Owners Network and author of The Hospitality Guide.

We would love your feedback on how your business is responding to the Coffee Cuff, please share them so we can continue to improve and innovate.

If you are a coffee business and would like to work more closely with Coffee Cuff or would you simply like us to send you an A5 counter/wall card to display to your customers please contact us we would love to hear from you.

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