How it all began

"TRANSFORMATION" the promo said.

I thought yessss there are some great speakers at this upcoming event and I am SO up for a transformation!

But... I did nothing.

A while later a friend offered up a sponsored ticket that she couldn’t use and it was for that same event. It was a leadership conference: ’SHE - Unstoppable is an understatement’. 

I thought ‘ooo yes this is the one I saw advertised, I’d love to go to this!’

Again... I did nothing.

Another friend of mine put a Facebook post up saying "Who's coming to the SHE conference with me?"


Finally, I ended up chatting about the conference with a close friend, decided to go and next thing I know I've hitched a ride and am on my way to the Gold Coast with she and three other clever Noosa business women.

The first morning of the event, hundreds of women were waiting for the doors to open and my friends were in a line at the coffee station waiting patiently with their reusable cups.

My friend (let's call her Ellie) and I stood back and waited, watching as orders on little bits of paper were stuck to reusable cups, then fell off as they were passed from the cashier to the barista.
We saw plastic lids written on and attached to some reusable cups, (clearly a 'no-no' for the environment) and saw the staff trying to remember and match orders and customers to cups. 

The line of customers wasn't moving, the cashier was flustered and the barista was pissed (and not in a good way.)

"WHAT A SHIT SHOW" I said to Ellie (her actual name), "People just need to walk up with their cup, and their order is already on it! Then when it's made the barista calls out LATTE or whatever, and people can tell it's for them because it's their cup!"

Ellie kicked me.

Literally kicked me and said "That's a nudge".

I thought ahhhhhhhhhh as light bulbs went off in my head.

So a 'Nudge' as Kate Maree O'Brien who was running the conference had taught us in a pre-SHE email, is when you have a thought that starts with "I wish someone would do this...." or "I love this but It would be better if it also did this..." or "Why hasn't someone invented one of these yet?".

SIDE NOTE: If you get nothing out of my story... please at least take on this one thing for yourself... LISTEN TO YOUR NUDGES!

It was a fantastic conference, when Kate brings another one to Australia I highly recommend it.

It began with hostess Jules Sebastian who had this amazing calm and casually poised energy and when she mentioned her husband Guy and joked she was the better half we all thought, “yep she could be easily be part of our wolf pack”.

The different flavours of female leadership, the speakers, the cultural lessons the feminine energy and the masculine presence did actually 'transform' me in ways I could go on about but that's not what you're here for.

So when I returned home and began research and development on 'my nudge' I discovered there was SO much more to this humble coffee ordering idea than I realised.

We were basically an ocean and planet loving family based in Noosa in Queensland and did not understand the scale of the impact single-use waste was having on our environment, let alone the toxic thermal paper we're all being exposed to and no-one has been talking about.

So fast forward 109 days from nudge to launch and we now provide a beautiful product that so far people and baristas are loving. 

We genuinely feel blessed to offer something that could make a persons day that little bit smoother and supports the planet at the same time.

We nudge you to get one for yourself and join the revolution xxx