On the 27th February 2023 the transition period to phase-out coffee cups and lids began in WA

On the 27th February 2023 the transition period to phase-out coffee cups and lids began in WA

Western Australia's Plan for Plastics Stage 2

Takeaway coffee cups
Transition/phase-out period: 27 February 2023
Enforcement begins: 1 March 2024

What is proposed to be banned and when?
The sale and supply of disposable plastic and plastic‑lined hot beverage cups (including coffee cups), with or without lids, that cannot be composted will be phased out from 27 February 2023. There will be a transition period of 12 months before the rules are enforced to allow businesses to use up supplies and source alternative products.

Why ban takeaway coffee cups?
Each year, Western Australians use more
than 182 million takeaway coffee cups.
Most takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill, but many are also littered. There are no widespread recycling options, and the cups contaminate kerbside recycling streams.

What is not included in the ban?
compostable paperboard cups certified to Australian Standards for industrial (AS 4736:2006) or home (AS 5810:2010) composting durable plastic cups designed for reuse
plastic cups that are part of a pre‐packaged product.

What alternatives are there?
Customers are encouraged to dine in, bring their own reusable cup or use cup exchange schemes. Businesses may provide disposable alternatives, as certified compostable cups and lids are not banned and are widely available.

Will it cost more to buy a takeaway coffee?
Many cafes have already made the switch to compostable coffee cups.

Some compliant alternatives may initially cost businesses about 7 cents more per coffee. The cost will decrease over time as more options become available. The price of disposable plastic items does not reflect the costs to the community of plastic waste and pollution.

Who will the ban apply to?
The ban applies to all businesses, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors that sell or supply takeaway hot beverage (coffee) cups.

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